The Curriculum

Here at Real Pro University we provide a friendly learning environment.

The students will be taught extensively on the following:

  • Basic Chain Wrestling
  • Running the Ropes
  • Bumps
  • High Impact moves
  • Ring Psychology
  • Managing
  • Refereeing
  • Cutting Promos
  • Character Development
  • Self-Marketing
  • Locker-Room Etiquette
  • Aerial Maneuvers
  • Networking
  • Professional Wrestling is a rigorous physical activity. Safety is a priority at Real Pro University. All students are required to sign a waiver stating that Real Pro University is not responsible for any injuries that may occur prior to stepping in the ring.

    About Us

    Real Pro Wrestling University was created out of the love that we have for professional wrestling with the mind set of giving everyone the opportunity. To live their dream and create a opportunity for people to follow their passion.


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