Head Trainer

Head Trainer

Real Pro University is owned and operated by Independent Wrestling star Zack Monstar. Zack also serves as the facility’s head trainer. Zack has been making an Impact in the Independent Wrestling scene lately becoming one of the most known wrestlers in Florida by wrestling the likes of Sinn Bodhi, Sawyer Fulton, The Sandman, Moose, Rhyno, and many more. Zack has over 10 years of Wrestling Expirience as well as being a lifelong fan of the sport.

Trained by Dustin Marler ( DB Harrison) with helping hands from Sinn Bodhi and Jay Lethal, Zack has gained much knowledge over the years and has seen how Pro-Wrestling has changed he has made it a priority to stay ‘in style’ but still have perfect fundamentals.

Zack makes sure that every student learns at their own pace and that they feel comfortable before moving on to the next step. Tho everyone learns at a unique pace, The average time frame to be Ring ready is 6 months to a Year. Here at Real Pro University you will NEVER be rushed to do anything you are not comfortable doing. It is a priority to make sure all of our students are happy and satisfied at all times. Everyone that steps foot in our ring is treated like family and motivate each other to thrive for success.

About Us

Real Pro Wrestling University was created out of the love that we have for professional wrestling with the mind set of giving everyone the opportunity. To live their dream and create a opportunity for people to follow their passion.


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